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While those of us in the USA are celebrating Thanksgiving, we must remember that, and I can’t believe this is possible here, we have people who are terrified of being rounded-up, potentially held in internment camps, families being torn apart. At this time of Thanksgiving, it is worth asking, as a people, who are we? And as a country, even though we have made mistakes, to what moral standards will we hold ourselves?

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Dehumanization. A reference number tattooed on an arm is a powerful method of turning a person into something less. Dehumanization when paired with and justified by vilification eases the gathering and slaughter. Dehumanization is a slippery slope and those who initiate the process count on it being that way in order to help gather and maintain their power. It takes a group and turns them into the “other”, the source of a society’s problems. It takes the causality of problems from being systemic or internally focused and moves it to a sub-group within society or an outside group that can be labeled as threatening to that society. In either case the thinking is that the group needs to be dealt with and cast out. The logic is that if only we dealt with the “other” we could go back to the good old days or the way things should be…

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Written by Jeffrey M. Saltzman

November 25, 2016 at 7:47 am

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