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A Murder of Crows

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A murder of crows. Sounds like that start of a mystery novel. The word murder in this case is used to describe a group of crows. Just like you would use the term a herd of cattle, or a pack of dogs. These descriptive terms are called collective nouns and arise out of a hunting tradition to describe the game being hunted. Many of these words are whimsical in nature and are designed to help define the nature of the groups. Take a pride of lions. If you ever looked at a picture of a group of lions sitting around or hunting together you can see how perfectly the term pride describes them.

Just for fun, I thought I would take a stab at defining some groups of employees within organizations or perhaps opening up a bit of a contest to see if anyone cared to name various alternatives (I am willing to send the winner a pack (dogs) of books I have written).

A group of college professors would be called a school of professors (Currently applied to fish).

A group of highly engaged employees would be called a team or a colony (Horses and bats respectively).

A group of HR professionals would be a gaggle or perhaps a charm (Finches).

A group of sales people would be a hunt or perhaps a rabble or a horde (Gnats).

A group of employees who always sit together in the cafeteria would be called a cackle (Hyenas).

A group of call center professionals would be a troop (Kangaroos among others).

And I can’t take credit for the following since I heard it on NPR today, but a group of Wall Street Bankers would be called a hedge.

And a group of IT professionals would be a cloud (Gnats).

A group of manufacturing line workers would be a yoke (Oxen).

A group of people who quit a company would not be alums but rather a parliament (Owls).

Very efficient people in a group would have to be called a covey (Quail).

Anyone care to jump in? Or perhaps a pandemonium (Parrots) of you would care to work together as a team?


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Written by Jeffrey M. Saltzman

May 4, 2014 at 5:43 pm

Posted in Humor

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