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This blog recently passed a significant milestone in terms of the number of readers, 17,000. I have to admit I am somewhat intrigued by who all those people are, after all they can’t all be relatives. So using one of the features of the WordPress system, I took a step back and asked, what are people searching for who end up at my blog? Here are some of the top searches that get people here, and where they seem to end up:

It is somewhat interesting to me that over the last few weeks/months that the search term on motivating temporary or casual workers seems to be rapidly gaining in popularity. Could it be perhaps a sign of some hiring? Some of the other searches that are notable are:

While this list is interesting, I don’t presume that any of it is significant simply because people can only end up here if I have written something on the topic they are searching upon. It is a slippery slope to assume otherwise and is similar to questions like, why does this universe we live in seem so perfectly tuned to support the development of life? Why? Only because we are here is it possible for us to ask the question. There could have been thousands or millions of previous universes that were not so tuned and hence no one was there to ask the question.

It is the height of ego-centrism to assume that something that is arbitrary, perhaps owing itself to nothing more than coincidence, was designed specifically to meet your needs. That ego-centrism is nothing more than a flaw inherent in our brains, with its need to find patterns, rules and explanations where none may exist.

I do enjoy exploring possible linkages between workplace topics that would never make any mainstream literature and, for better or worse, I do plan on continuing with this blog. I hope you enjoy them and will continue to add your comments. There is nothing better than a good debate.

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Written by Jeffrey M. Saltzman

March 14, 2011 at 8:53 am

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