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I was trying out a new kind of program and was analyzing some organizational data. As I looked across a large number of organizations some patterns emerged of organizational attributes that I thought I would share. The new program I was using had some strange properties and it seemed to come up with some unusual categorizations. Here you go.

K’nocker Organization  – An organization that is too big for its britches, a big shot organization.

Kvetching Organization – An organization that is always complaining about market conditions or execution or pricing power or…just always kvetching.

The Fars Organizations – Fartootst, Farmisht, Farchadat – essentially an organization that is mixed up and confused.

Shlemiel Organization – A simpleton organization – not sophisticated in its thinking.

Shnozzle Organization – An organization that can smell which way the wind is blowing and is aware of changing market conditions. Sometimes shortened to the Shnoz Organization.

Shtarker Organization – Strong, successful organization to the point of boastfulness.

Chutzpeh Organization – An organization willing to tell its customers that it knows better than they do what they want.

Shmoozing Organization – An organization with an emphasis on marketing.

Shmaltzy Organization – A fancy organization, literally dripping with fat (meaning fanciness).

Tchotchkes Organization – An organization that likes to produce little tokens for customers to help them remember the organization.

Shpritzing Organization – When workload is very high and everyone is sweating you have a shpritzing organization.

Shlimazel Organization – Can’t execute, can’t get things right.

Shmegegge Organization – Organization focused on petty issues – can’t see big picture.

Shmatte Organization – Literally rags or a piece of cloth – an organization that tries to get by on a shoe string, everyone works with shmattes (commonly used to describe someone’s clothes – what shmattes are you wearing?)

Shmeer Organization  – When everyone is spread really thin, trying to cover multiple tasks. (Often used when describing how much cream cheese you want on your bagel – “give me a shmeer”).

Kosher Organization – One where everything is ok.

Traf Organization – Opposite end of the kosher scale.

Tzadaka Organization – A righteous organization – operates with very high integrity and is generous with its success.

Bupkes Organization – Literally “beans and goat turds”, an organization that gives nothing to it employees or customers.

Dreck Organization – producer of low quality goods and services.

Dybbuk Organization – An organization condemned to wander aimlessly between small profits and small losses, not growing and never really able to accomplish anything because of its sins.

Golem Organization – A superstitious organization, one that thinks it can create new job families, made out of mud and sticks, to solve its problems.  Usually found in Prague.

Chelm Organization – Organization populated by simpletons and fools.

Bubeleh Organization – a term of affectation for an organization, an organization that is spoken fondly of, “my bubeleh organization”.

Yenta Organization – Gossip and the rumor mill are very strong in this organization.

Tsedrayt Organization – An organization without a clear mission or goals.

Tsuris Organization – An organization that gives everyone grief, aggravation and trouble.

Klutz Organization – where much rework is stumbled through.

Nebbish Organization – Where a decision never gets made, or if made will likely be changed – maybe.

Noshing Organization – One where every meeting is accompanied by food.

Mamaloshen Organization – Organization that makes up its own “mother tongue” makes heavy use of acronyms and other made-up words.

Mentsch Organization – Honorable and decent, an organization filled with good people.

Maven Organization – Organization with leading edge science and processes, expert, authority.

Toches ahfen tish Organization – Organization where accountability is high.  (Literally your rear-end is on the table). 

Toches-lecker Organization – One where everyone is managing upwards. A brown-noser organization. 

Shelping Organization – One where there are not enough chairs and everyone is shelping chairs from room to room when there is a meeting.

Oy – a Yiddish exclamation of exasperation often used as one moves chairs from room to room.

Written by Jeffrey M. Saltzman

October 19, 2009 at 2:15 am

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